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Winston Salem Northern Beltway

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Winston Salem Northern Beltway


Bearing the Future: RJ Watson’s Contribution to Winston-Salem’s Beltway Project 


A $261.8M Design-Bid-Build project was awarded by the North Carolina Dept. of Transportation in January 2022 to Webber, LLC, with design engineering by HDR Engineering, Inc. The scope of work includes constructing 3.1 miles of the 17.1-mile Eastern Loop of the Future Interstate I-74 Winston-Salem Northern Beltway, integrating 7 new bridges. RJ Watson, Inc. supplied 144 high load multi-rotational disc bearings with vertical service loads ranging from 377 kips to 1,298 kips, contributing to the project’s structural integrity. 

Design Challenges: 

To match the anchor patterns and match height requirements, rectangular discs needed to be used at select locations oriented longitudinally to ensure the guided expansion bearings did not collide with the anchor locations. Large rotations. 

Bearing Technical Information: 

144 high load multi-rotational disc bearings with a vertical service load that ranged from 377 kips to 1,298 kips. The horizontal load is designed for 10% of the vertical load. The longitudinal displacement for the expansion bearings ranged from 7.75” to 8.5”, and the transverse displacement was designed for 0.0125”. The service rotation ranged from 0.015 radians to 0.0227 radians. 


This project is part of the 34.5-mile Winston-Salem Northern Beltway, aimed at easing traffic congestion and improving safety on heavily traveled routes in Forsyth County. With over 100,000 vehicles and trucks passing through the area daily, the beltway promises to enhance transportation efficiency, benefiting both commuters and businesses. By providing critical infrastructure, RJ Watson, Inc. plays a pivotal role in ensuring the beltway’s reliability and longevity, contributing to the region’s economic growth and community well-being.