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Testing bearings, expansion joints and other structural components

Making Bridges Better

In-house load testing

RJ Watson specializes in high load, large displacement structural and mechanical testing. We offer unique testing setups facilitated by our experienced engineers. With all load testing services completed on-site, RJ Watson can meet tight testing deadlines at a reasonable cost.

RJ Watson’s in-house operations include a fabrication shop with overhead cranes, heavy lifting capacities, certified welders, weld positioners, media blasting and machine shop. RJ Watson also offers low rates for raw materials in our manufactured products. These advantages allow for excellent pricing on fixturing, commonly the highest cost of customized structural or mechanical load testing.

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Three Test Frames

RJ Watson’s structural and mechanical testing services span a wide range of applications, thanks to three high-precision test frames. These frames include:

  • One of the largest certified test presses in the Eastern US with the ability to test compression and horizontal forces simultaneously.
  • A highly adaptable universal test frame able to accommodate custom fixtures and long-term tests.
  • A versatile test frame with multiple hydraulic cylinders and biaxial loading capacity for economical friction testing.

For more information on each of RJ Watson’s test frames, download our testing brochure or contact us.

Measuring Outcomes

The RJ Watson testing facility utilizes a Pacific Instruments Data Acquisition System with 16 input channels and 8 output channels for many types of measurement devices. High sample rates and live video streaming capabilities are available.

Testing Request

Our engineers—experienced in design, setup, instrumentation and data analysis—are ready to support you and your testing requirements. Please contact us for a no cost, no obligation estimate for your load testing needs, or to learn more about our structural and mechanical testing capabilities.

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Test your designs in our state-of-the-art facilities with the help of our experienced engineers, multiple testing frames and on-site fabrication shop.

Design Services

See how RJ Watson’s unique bridge and structural systems can benefit the project you’re working on with no cost, no obligation design services.

PDH Courses

Learn how RJ Watson’s innovative bridge and structural systems can improve your projects with continuing education courses on bearings, expansion joints and more.