RJ Watson specializes in high load, large displacement, structural and mechanical testing

RJ Watson’s state of the art testing lab facility that has the capability to test bearings, expansion joints and other structural devices in unique testing setups.

RJ Watson’s experienced engineers will work with you to accomplish your testing needs within tight time constraints.  All equipment is on site.

RJ Watson’s in house operations include a fabrication shop with overhead cranes, heavy lifting capacities, certified welders, weld positioners, media blasting and machine shop.

Our in-house machining and fabrication operations, coupled with our low rates for raw materials in our manufactured products, give our customers excellent pricing on fixturing, commonly the highest cost of custom testing.

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3 test frames with high precision instrumentation provide flexibility for a multitude of testing applications

Frame #1

√ RJ Watson’s structural bearing test lab includes one of the largest certified test presses in the Eastern US with a compression capability of 9,500,000 lb (4750 tons) and an opening of 71” (width) x 31” (height) and a vertical stroke of 9 inches

√ The compression capability coupled with various horizontal actuators makes our press capable of testing compression and horizontal forces simultaneously, a feature uncommon in many testing labs.

√ Each vertical hydraulic jack is independently controlled to ensure the load plate is level at all times to ensure uniform loading of the test specimen.

√ All load and displacement measuring equipment is tied into an acquisition center for all necessary data retrieval and for analysis and reporting purposes

√ All measuring equipment is calibrated annually by independent agencies or verified using other calibrated equipment.  The test frame is also ASTM E4 certified up to 3,000,000 lb for non-destructive compression proof load types of testing

Frame #2

The RJ Watson test facility includes a universal test frame able to accommodate custom fixtures and long term tests.   With a large 132″ x 35″opening and various connection points, this fixture can accept large specimen sizes and loads in various locations and directions.   The static load capacity on this fixture can exceed 400,000 lbs. in the vertical or horizontal directions.    All of RJ Watson’s Actuators can attach to this fixture allowing many versatile testing opportunities.

√ Universal Fixture

√ 132”x 35” Opening

√ Various loading capabilities in multiple directions

√ Highly adaptable for unique setups

Frame #3

Test frame #3 includes multiple hydraulic cylinders which produce 2,000,000 lbs of compressive force with a 2 inch vertical stroke limit.  The compressive force is calibrated to ASTM E-4 standards up to 1,500,000 lbs using independent calibration equipment and excellent for non-destructive compression testing.  A 200,000 lb horizontal actuator with an 8 inch stroke limit makes this a versatile frame to perform economical friction testing due to its biaxial loading capacity.   The horizontal actuator can adapt to various load cells for accurate force readings.  The test frame has an opening of 37″ (W) x 27″ (H) to test a range of specimens.  All forces and displacements along with other instrumentation may be connected and recorded with RJ Watson’s acquisition system for processing test data.

√ 27”H x 37”W Opening

√ 2 inch vertical stroke

√ ASTM E-4 Certified to 1,500,000 lbs for non-destructive compression testing

√ Simultaneous compression and horizontal loading

√ Horizontal actuator capacity of 200 kips

The RJ Watson Test Lab Facility has 16 available channels for many types of measurement devices.
High sample rates and live video streaming capabilities are available

√ Pacific Instruments Data Acquisition System with 16 input channels and 8 output channels

√ 20,000 lb MTS Test Machine

√ 60,000 lb Riehle Test Machine

√ 1,000,000 lb Static Load Jack Manifold

√ 600,000 lb, 6” Stroke, 12 in/min actuator

√ 200,000 lb, 8” Stroke, 24 in/min actuator

√ 150,000 lb, 48” Stroke, 36 in/min actuator

√ 15,000 lb, 3” Stroke, 8 in/sec actuator

√ 600,000 lb Tension/Compression Load Cell

√ 2-200,000 lb Tension/Compression Load Cells

√ 1-50,000 lb Tension/Compression Load Cell

√ 1-20,000 lb Tension/Compression Load Cell

√ 1-1,100 lb Tension/Compression Load Cell

√ 1-250 lb Tension/Compression Load Cell

√ 10,000 PSI 2 GPM Hydraulic Pump

√ 5000 PSI 13 GPM Hydraulic Pump

√ 3000 PSI MTS 10 GPM Hydraulic Pump

√ Various LVDT’s & String Pots Thermocouples

√ 6” & 48” Temposonic Displacement Transducers

√ Various Pressure Transducers

√ Calibrated gauge blocks, height gauge, calipers, and many other precision measurement items.

Our staff of engineers are very experienced in design, setup, instrumentation, and data analysis and are ready to support you and your testing requirements

Bearing Test Machine

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RJ Watson will work with you to provide a multitude of testing capabilities, on site and with technically advanced, precision equipments.  Our staff of engineers and skilled technicians are accustomed to working within tight time constraints. Please contact us for more information.  We look forward to working with you.

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