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Bridge & Structural Bearings

Innovative bridge and structural bearings designed for iconic feats of civil engineering

RJ Watson Bearings

RJ Watson designs, manufactures and tests structural bearings for bridges and other civil engineering structures.

Uniquely Versatile
Longitudinal and transverse rotational capability
Withstand vertical loads ranging from 10 to 15,000 kips
Accommodate all live to dead load ratios
Disktron Fixed

A customizable disc bearing with both longitudinal and transverse rotation capabilities

EQS Bearing

Designed to minimize forces and displacements during an earthquake


Provide uplift restraint for a myriad of conditions


Handle the higher braking and rotation requirements typical in rail applications

RJW Spherical Bearing

Accommodate high rotations with minimal resistance

When Experience Counts

Experience RJ Watson’s expertise in bearing design

RJ Watson bearings have been tested and installed on thousands of unique structures worldwide.


Our staff of experienced engineers will assist you with your proposals and will work within your tight time constraints.


The RJ Watson design team can help you create the optimal bearings for any new or retrofit project.


Innovative Collaboration: The Gordie Howe International Bridge

Innovative Collaboration: The Gordie Howe International Bridge and Bridging North America  The Gordie Howe International…
DC’s Frederick Douglass Memorial Bridge Named Bridge of the Year
RJ Watson, Inc. Celebrates Prestigious Recognition in Buffalo’s 2024 Manufacturing Awards
Portal bridge NJ
RJ Watson’s Role in the Portal North Bridge Transformation 

High-quality yet cost-effective

RJ Watson’s emphasis is on the utilization of state of the art technology combined with personnel who are renowned for their expertise in this field, specializing in both seismic and non-seismic applications.

LaGuardia Airport

Queens, New York

Dublin Pedestrian Bridge

Dublin, Ohio

Tilikum Bridge

Portland, OR

Sarah Mildred Long Bridge

Portsmouth, New Hampshire

Hoover Dam Bypass Bridge

Boulder City, Nevada

UNASUR Building

Quito, Ecuador

RJ Watson Services

The RJ Watson in-house operations include a fabrication shop with overhead cranes, heavy lifting capacities, certified welders, weld positioners, media blasting and machine shop.


Test your designs in our state-of-the-art facilities with the help of our experienced engineers, multiple testing frames and on-site fabrication shop.

Design Services

See how RJ Watson’s unique bridge and structural systems can benefit the project you’re working on with no cost, no obligation design services.

PDH Courses

Learn how RJ Watson’s innovative bridge and structural systems can improve your projects with continuing education courses on bearings, expansion joints and more.

When the experts have questions, they turn to

RJ Watson

Get Started Today

RJ Watson works with engineers, contractors and owners to create bridges and highways that reliably serve their communities while simultaneously solving engineering challenges. RJ Watson is available to work with you to create a cost effective solution for your specific project.