24 Disktron Bearings were installed on this structure. The 8 abutment bearings had vertical capacities of 400-550 kips.


Construction Began in Mid 2006, and completed in August 2010

New Bridge Facts:

Composite Deck Arch (Steel Superstructure, Concrete Arch) Bridge, 4 lanes (old bridge 2 lanes). 1,905 foot span (longest concrete arch in North America, 890’ over the Colorado River, Arch Span of 1,060 feet). First concrete-steel composite deck arch bridge in the USA. 2nd Highest Bridge in the USA. World’s highest concrete arch bridge. Widest concrete arch bridge in North America.

Bridge Bearings:

R.J. Watson, Inc. manufactured 24 disc bearings for this project.

Quantity/Type/Size of bearings:
Abutments: 8 Guided Disc Bearings w/springs (used as a centering mechanism).
Vertical Load ranged from 354 to 516 Kips
Horizontal Load ranged from 20% to 22% of the vertical load.
Longitudinal Displacement = +/- 9”
Service Rotation = 0.02 radians
Polyurethane springs designed with a longitudinal stiffness of 5 kips in each direction over a 5” movement, used to resist forces due to high winds.
Pier Bearings: 16 Disc Bearings (15 Guided Expansion and 1 Non-Guided Expansion).
Vertical Load ranged from 2,182 kips to 2,485 kips
Horizontal Load ranged from 10% to 16% of the vertical load.
Longitudinal Displacement +/- 9”
Service Rotation = 0.02 radians

Disc Bearing Advantages:

Low Maintenance, Easy to Inspect, Low Profile, Excellent Performance History, Excellent Low Temperature Performance, Simple Design, can accommodate very high vertical and horizontal loads, can restrict uplift forces, can accommodate high rotation, modified for seismic isolation, and force distribution.