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Bridge & Structural Bearings

Innovative bridge and structural bearings designed for iconic feats of civil engineering

POD Bridge Bearings

Meet high-speed rail and other structures requiring high rotation design parameters with modified Disktron Bearings

For Tighter Tolerances

POD bridge bearings utilize the Disktron Bearing, modified to meet the tighter tolerance design parameters required for the higher braking and traction loads seen in high-speed rail applications. Like the Disktron Bearing, this variation is maintenance-free, durable, aesthetically pleasing and cost-effective.


Higher Braking & Traction Loads

Using Disktron Bearing System technology, the POD bearing design incorporates tighter tolerance design parameters to handle the higher braking and traction loads seen in high speed rail applications.

Rotation In Any Direction

The POD bearing’s lower bearing plate has a machined recess for the Polytron disc. This disc does not require a sealing ring and can be designed to accommodate vertical loads from 10 to 10,000 kips while maintaining its ability to provide rotation in any direction.

Then, the Shear Resisting Mechanism (SRM), a machined shear pin, is lowered onto the disc. The disc is finished with recessed and bonded PTFE, which offers a low-friction interface for the polished stainless steel-finished sole plate.

POD Bearing Features

The POD bridge bearing from RJ Watson offers bridge engineers and owners:

  • Rotation capacity in excess of 0.08 radians
  • Low vertical deflection for single and multi-span structures
  • Ability to handle ultra-high braking and traction forces
  • Accommodation of live to dead load ratios, as well as high vertical and horizontal loads
  • Tight control of structure’s horizontal displacement
RJ Watson’s POD bearings can be modified for fixed or expansion capabilities.

Fixed Bearings

Expansion Bearings

Design and Test Your Bearings

The experienced engineers at RJ Watson can help you find the right bearings for your project with our no cost, no obligation design services, as well as our extensive testing capabilities.

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Testing in RJ Watson Facility

Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge – Dallas, TX


Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge

This spectacular Santiago Calatrava designed bridge required bearings with rotations on the order of 8% which is beyond the capacity of most devices. As a result Disktron Bearings modified for high rotations also known as Pod Bearings were utilized to provide this capability.

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