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Expansion Joints

Accommodate naturally occurring movement with high-quality, long-lasting expansion joints

Poly-Tron Elastomeric Concrete

A flexible yet tough polyurethane elastomeric concrete ideal for expansion joint edges.

Flexible Expansion Joint Edge

Poly-Tron is an easy to mix, three component, modified polyurethane elastomeric concrete. The material is used primarily for expansion joint edges. It has excellent adhesion to various substrates, is flexible yet tough and provides excellent impact resistance.

Ultimate Resistance

Poly-Tron is resistant to ultraviolet and ozone exposure, as well as solvents, chemicals and moisture. It also resists freeze-thaw changes and thermal shock. Overall, Poly-Tron is a high-quality, economical elastomeric solution for multiple applications.

Poly-Tron Uses

Poly-Tron reduces the need for expensive and cumbersome steel angles, even on high volume and/or high speed highway bridges. The elastomeric joint edge material is designed for new construction and rehabilitation projects. Since many joint seals are incompatible with asphalt, Poly-Tron is an ideal application for overlayed bridges.

  • Expansion joint edge material for bridges with and without overlays
  • Replacing the blockout area when removing failed molded rubber joints or metallic armored joints
  • Flexible nosing material for metallic expansion joint assemblies
  • A patching compound for spalls in concrete deck surfaces

Installing Poly-Tron Elastomeric Concrete

After surface preparation and priming, the elastomeric concrete installation time is about 3-5 minutes per kit. The lane can be reopened to traffic 1-5 hours after installation depending on temperature.


Design and Test Your Joints

The experienced engineers at RJ Watson can help you find the right expansion joints for your project with a no cost, no obligation design and testing services.

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Featured Project

I-95 over the Meherrin River – Emporia, VA

Emergency repair when existing bolt down joints had failed. Poly-Tron Elastomeric Concrete was used to rebuild the headers along with 100 LF of Silicoflex SF325 to provide a water tight, long lasting, low maintenance joint system.

View Project
View Project

I-95 over Meherrin River – Emporia, VA

Bridge bearings and expansion joints for your structural needs

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