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Virginia DOT I-95 Hot Lanes Extension

By March 6, 2022March 6th, 2024No Comments
American Legion Road


Project Description:
A $670M Public-Private Partnership project was awarded by the Virginia Dept. of Transportation in the Fall of 2018 to a Joint Venture between Flatiron Construction, and Branch Civil Construction. The design engineering firm for this joint venture was HNTB. The goal of this project was to reduce congestion and driving time on I-95 by adding 10 miles of express lanes, and access bridges along I-95 North of Fredericksburg, Virginia. The project began in July 2019, and was fully completed in December, 2023.

Bearing Technical Information:
68 high load multi-rotational disc bearings with a vertical service load that ranged from 350 kips to 954 kips. The horizontal load is designed for between 10% of the vertical load, and 21% of the vertical load. The longitudinal displacement for the expansion bearings ranged from 0.125” to 13.75”, and the transverse displacement ranged from 0.0125” to 4.63”. The service rotation was designed for 0.025 radians of rotation.