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I-69 Section 6, Contract 5 (I-69 Northbound to I-465 Westbound)

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I-69 Indiana



Building Connections: The I-69 Section 6 Project & R.J. Watson’s Engineering Impact 

The I-69 Section 6 Contract 5 project, awarded by the Indiana Department of Transportation in February 2021 to a joint venture of Walsh Construction and Milestone Contracting, represents a landmark $728M design-build initiative set to transform the 27-mile corridor between Martinsville and Indianapolis, Indiana. With American Structurepoint as the design engineer, the project’s scope encompasses the construction of new interchanges, bridge widening, and other critical improvements, aiming for completion in 2024. 


Integral to the project’s success are the 20 high-load multi-rotational disc bearings supplied by R.J. Watson, Inc. These bearings, designed to support vertical service loads ranging from 395 to 850 kips, exemplify the intersection of innovative engineering and practical application in infrastructure development. Their ability to handle a horizontal load designed at 10% of the vertical load, along with specified longitudinal and transverse displacements, reflects the project’s commitment to durability and flexibility. This engineering detail ensures that the newly constructed and widened bridges can accommodate significant traffic flow and environmental stresses, thereby enhancing the safety and efficiency of this critical transportation link. 


R.J. Watson, Inc.’s contribution to the I-69 Section 6 Contract 5 project extends beyond the supply of bearings. Their expertise and innovative solutions in bridge bearing technology play a vital role in achieving the project’s objectives of improved vehicular mobility and infrastructure resilience. By incorporating R.J. Watson’s advanced bearing designs, the project benefits from an enhanced foundation for the bridges within this corridor, underscoring a commitment to long-term performance and reliability. 


The collaboration between the Indiana Department of Transportation, Walsh Construction, Milestone Contracting, American Structurepoint, and R.J. Watson, Inc. illustrates the collaborative effort necessary to advance such a significant infrastructure project. Through meticulous planning, engineering excellence, and strategic partnerships, the I-69 Section 6 Contract 5 project is poised to significantly improve connectivity, safety, and transportation efficiency in Indiana, showcasing a model for future infrastructure projects nationwide.