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Atmosphere Sky Bridge: 10 Years Later 

By February 3, 2024April 3rd, 2024No Comments
Sky Bridge Kolkata


In one of RJ Watson’s most remarkable projects dating back to 2014, we supplied four large seismic isolation bearings to Mageba India for an upscale condominium in Kolkata, India.  Each bearing device weighed an astonishing 38,000 lbs and can withstand a service load of over 8,000,000 lbs.  This project stands out for the way it connects two condo towers with a four-story bridge. This isn’t just any bridge; it’s a haven of luxury amenities including a gym, meeting rooms, a spa, sauna, virtual golf, sports facilities, and a jogging track. To top it all off, there’s an infinity pool on the highest level.  

Our collaboration with Web Structures, an international engineering consulting firm, aimed to engineer seismic isolators that not only ensure the sky bridge’s safety during seismic events but also effectively reduce the impact of wind forces, safeguarding the structure’s integrity. The decision to use EradiQuake Seismic Isolation Bearings was based on their ability to provide reliable, maintenance-free performance over time. 

Our team had the incredible opportunity to visit this unique project last week, where we were treated to a tour of the impressive structure. They inspected the bearings and found them in exceptional condition, showing no wear or degradation after a decade of service. This visit underscored our commitment to quality and durability in the products we deliver. 

Bearing Technical Information 

  • Bearing quantity: 4 
  • Vertical service load capacity: 36,000 kN (8,093 kip) 
  • Horizontal service load capacity: 1500 kN (337 kip) 
  • Horizontal extreme event load capacity: 1800 kN (405 kip) 
  • Wind restraint load: 1500 kN (337 kip) 
  • Longitudinal service displacement capacity: +/- 63mm (2.5 in) 
  • Longitudinal seismic displacement capacity: +/- 200mm (7.87 in) 
  • Strength rotation capacity: +/- 0.02 radians 
  • Bearing weight: 17,128 kg (37,761 lbs) each