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Structural Bearings

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Structural Bearing Devices for the Bridge and Architectural Market

Disktron Bearings

Disktron Bearings have rotational capabilities in both the longitudinal and transverse directions. Thousands of RJ Watson bearings have been tested and installed worldwide. 

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EQS Sliding Isolation Bearings

RJ Watson EradiQuake Seismic Isolation Bridge Bearings are designed to minimize forces and displacements experienced by structures during an earthquake.

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POD Bridge Bearings

Using Disktron Bearing System technology, the POD bearing design incorporates tighter tolerance design parameters to handle the higher braking and traction loads seen in high speed rail applications.

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Uplift Bearings

The uplift bearing can be designed to provide the vertical restraint required for your application.

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Spherical Bearings

RJW Spherical Bearings are used to accommodate thermal, seismic and mechanical expansion and contraction.

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