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Making Bridges Better

RJ Watson, Inc delivers a diverse and custom range of products and services to customers around the world, providing high load multirotational bearings, seismic isolation devices, expansion joint systems, and bridge deck waterproofing to the bridge, highway and heavy construction industry

Bridge & Structural Bearings

Designed to accommodate loads, movements and rotations for all types of structures.

Expansion Joints

Provide a watertight seal while simultaneously allowing movements due to thermal creep and seismic conditions.

Bridge Deck Waterproofing

The BRIDGE-TECH system offers long-term waterproofing and outstanding durability.

Design & Testing Services

RJ Watson engineers have the experience to provide project specific design and testing.

Design Challenges Solved

Decades of industry experience, paired with a commitment to innovative problem solving, have enabled RJ Watson to develop bearings and joint systems that allow for long-lasting safety, cost-effective engineering and innovative designs.

High-quality yet cost-effective

RJ Watson’s emphasis is on the utilization of state of the art technology combined with personnel who are renowned for their expertise in this field, specializing in both seismic and standard applications.

LaGuardia Airport

Queens, New York

Dublin Pedestrian Bridge

Dublin, Ohio

Tilikum Bridge

Portland, OR

Sarah Mildred Long Bridge

Portsmouth, New Hampshire

Hoover Dam Bypass Bridge

Boulder City, Nevada

UNASUR Building

Quito, Ecuador

Bridge bearings and expansion joints for your structural needs

Get Started Today

RJ Watson works with engineers, contractors and owners to create bridges and highways that reliably serve their communities while simultaneously solving engineering challenges. RJ Watson is available to work with you to create a cost effective solution for your specific project.