dsc06879Zed Seal is a closed-cell, cross-linked, nitrogen-blown polyethylene foam designed to give excellent resilience and high tensile and tear performance. The seal is bonded into place with a high-strength two-component adhesive.

Zed Seal is an expansion joint sealing system for use in bridges, parking structures, stadiums, wastewater treatment plants and many other commercial structures.


  • Handles 30% in tension and 60% in compression
  • Handles 100% in vertical and horizontal shear
  • Intersections and splices are field-welded
  • Field installation is fast and simple
  • A monolithic waterproof system
  • Resistant to weathering, ultraviolet radiation, solvents,chemicals, oxidation, oils, gasoline, salt and abrasion
  • Unaffected by extreme cold
  • Hydrostatic resistance up to 70’
  • Bonds to most substrates
  • Grooved sides to improve adhesion


Ped Seal is the ADA compliant version of Zed Seal. We top the Zed Seal with a two part high modulus elastomer to raise the profile of the joint system as well as reduce the risk of puncture from heavy pedestrian traffic.