polytron_medPoly-Tron is an easy to mix,  three component, modified polyurethane elastomeric concrete. Poly-Tron is used primarily as an expansion joint edge material. It has excellent adhesion to various substrates, is flexible yet tough and provides excellent impact resistance. Poly-Tron is resistant to U.V. and ozone exposure and resists freeze-thaw changes.

Poly-Tron elastomeric concrete has the following primary uses:

  • An expansion joint edge material which bridges with and without overlays, replacing the blockout area when removing failed molded rubber joints or metallic armored joints
  • A flexible nosing material for metallic expansion joint assemblies
  • A patching compound for spalls in concrete deck surfacesPoly-Tron reduces the need for expensive and cumbersome steel angles, even on high volume – high speed interstate highway bridges and is ideal for new construction and rehabilitation projects. Since many joint seals are incompatible with asphalt, Poly-Tron is an ideal application for overlayed bridges.


  • Superior adhesion to various substrates
  • Excellent resistance to U.V., freeze-thaw, thermal shock,
  • impact, solvents, chemicals and moisture
  • Flexible and resilient
  • Easy to mix, install, and fast setting
  • High quality and economical

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