The EradiQuake System (EQS) is a state of the art Isolation Bridge & Structural Bearing System designed to minimize forces and displacements experienced by structures during an earthquake

The Kingston Rhinecliff Bridge over the Hudson River in New York is a seismic retrofit project. 16 EQS Seismic Isolation Bearings were installed with a vertical capacity of 215 to 665 Kips

Seismic Isolation Bearings are the most technologically advanced means of protecting a structure against earthquake forces.  They are one of the most powerful tools in earthquake engineering for isolating a structure and helping to protect them from the most devastating consequences of a seismic event. Simply stated, they are a collection of structural elements which should substantially decouple or isolate a superstructure from its substructure resting on a shaking ground thus protecting a bridge or building’s structural integrity.

UNASUR Building, Quito Ecuador


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The EradiQuake System (EQS)

The EradiQuake System (EQS) is a state of the art Isolation Bearing System designed to minimize forces and displacements experienced by structures during an earthquake. The basic components of the EQS consist of a sliding multirotational bearing assembly with damping and a maintenance free device called the mass energy regulator (MER). This innovative system was developed based on extensive research conducted at the Multidisciplinary Center for Earthquake Engineering Research (MCEER) at the State University of New York at Buffalo. Shake table testing confirmed that the EQS is an extremely effective system for significantly reducing forces and displacements caused by strong ground motion accelerations.

How EQS Works

The EQS transfers the energy of a moving mass (kinetic energy), such as a bridge deck during an earthquake, into heat and spring (potential energy). This is done through the MER which connects the superstructure to the substructure. The EQS structural bearing devices can be adjusted at the direction of the design engineer to achieve a wide variety of energy dissipation levels. This is because the EQS is designed to dissipate energy through friction. By adjusting the friction levels the amount of damping can be controlled. This extraordinary feature gives the engineer the ability to optimize the structural design. Unlike an elastomeric isolation bearing, the lateral effective stiffness of an EQS bearing can be varied in different directions to optimize the response of a structure.

MER Compression Testing

Performance & Testing

The EradiQuake System (EQS) has undergone extensive prototype and shake table testing at MCEER located at the State University of New York at Buffalo. Tests include individual component testing as well as full scale cycle testing in accordance with AASHTO Guide Specifications for Seismic Isolation Design. In addition the EQS has been subjected to the HITEC Technical Evaluation Testing Program.

Testing Services

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