SilTron is a two-part, cold-applied, self-leveling, fast-curing, ultra-low modulus, 100% silicone material designed for sealing of concrete pavement joints experiencing thermal movement.SilTron cures to a resilient silicone rubber seal in a very short time when compared to typical one part moisture cure sealant. This is especially beneficial when sealing joints that will experience movement shortly after sealant application. These applications include bridges, parking structures, parking lots, sidewalks, pedestrian decks and plazas.

Basic Uses

SilTron can be used in new construction as well as a restoration sealant in remedial work. Typical surfaces sealed with SilTron include concrete, asphalt, carbon steel, and pre-cast pavers. All masonry and steel surfaces require primer. Asphalt surfaces do not require primer use. SilTron is a self-leveling material for use in joints up to 2.5″ in width with slopes of 6% or less. Please contact RJ Watson Technical Services before specifying this product for larger joint openings.



  • Excellent weatherability- This sealant’s 100% silicone composition is virtually unaffected by UV, precipitation, ozone, and temperature extremes.
  • Resilient- Sealant will remain flexible under extreme temperature swings. (-49oF to 300oF)
  • Fast Curing- This sealant’s fast cure profile allows quick job site turn-around. Early movement will not effect sealant performance.
  • Self-leveling- No tooling required when applied through typical static mixing equipment.
  • One-to-one volume mix ratio
  • Works well on irregular joint surfaces
  • Auto-bonding- Will bond to itself tenaciously without the need for priming.