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SF 400 testing

R.J. Watson Silicoflex SF400 with an applied horizontal tension exceeding 14” at failure.

Note separation does NOT occur at the bond, but rather in the center of the gland. Much like a weld, the locking adhesive is shown to be stronger than the SF400 at maximum load. Silicoflex can be bonded to Elastomeric or Standard Concrete mixtures as well as steel angles, both new and existing with similar results.

SF 400 testing 2

SF400 testing 3

Testing was conducted at R.J. Watson’s in house test lab on a Riehle Test Machine Model R9161 by bonding SF400 to steel plates using the standard RJ Watson locking adhesive simulating a typical field installation.

Adhesive was cured for 24 hours before testing.

Gland material exceeded 3X its unloaded length prior to tearing.

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