Tough, Durable Primer for Concrete and Metal Surfaces

Rapid Curing, Waterproof Basecoat for Bridge Structures

Spray Applied Tack Coat System for Highway Bridges

Composite Membrane Protection Mat for Ballast Application When Specified

Bridge Deck Color Stable Coating When Specified

Pre-Formed Expansion Joint System Also Available

Bridge-Tech System – Two Component, Cold Liquid, Spray-Applied Waterproofing Membrane for Highway and Railroad Bridge Decks, and other applications

The Bridge-Tech System has been developed by Chemline and offers a complete protective spray coating system for both highway and railroad elevated decks.  Engineered and developed for ease of application, long term waterproofing and extreme durability, the Bridge-Tech System incorporates the latest in polymer technology in primers that can be appleid using spray, roll-down or squeegee methods. Bridge-Tech is designed for installation in the harshest conditions, even at temperatures way below freezing, offering performance exceeding industry standards.

The Chemline BRIDGE-TECH system consists of a polyurethane primer, a membrane coat and a topcoat. The primer, membrane coat and topcoat can be applied with minimal down time, even in the harshest conditions. The Primers are designed to protect either concrete or steel from the corrosive nature of the elements and de-icing chemicals while providing an excellent adhesive bond to the substrate. The Membrane Coat provides excellent barrier properties to isolate the substrate from the environment. The Top Coat is designed to cure slow enough to accept an aggregate, yet fast enough to accept a hot asphalt layer in as little as an hour.