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Silicoflex Design Build Project - Greenville, SC

Project Description

In October 2013, the Silicoflex SF225 System was installed on the Anjou Towers Parking Ramp in Athelston, Quebec. The supplier of the System was RJ Watson, Inc. of Buffalo, New York. The Contractor was Solhydroc of Athelston, Quebec. The joint opening was 2″ wide by 3″ deep with galvanized steel headers. After preparing the joint opening, the Silicoflex gland was dry-fit into the entire joint and marked for the intersection cuts. The priming process was next by mixing the two primer components completely and applying to both sides of the inner joint face. Once dried, a bead of the silicone adhesive was applied about an inch down on both sides of the headers. The gland was then inserted into the opening so that it was below the riding surface. The gland acts like a squeegee, pushing down the adhesive to form a shear shelf below the gland. The final step was to then apply a finishing bead of adhesive to both sides of the inserted gland, and tooling it down between the gland ribs and the joint face.
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