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Sellwood Bridge - Portland, OR

The Sellwood Bridge, located in Portland, Oregon over the Willamette River is a steel deck arch bridge in Oregon. This magnificent structure is renowned for its beauty and elegance and is a spectacular architectural monument. This bridge is the only Willamette River crossing that meets modern seismic requirements. Owned by Multnomah County, this bridge was a $319 million replacement of a 1925 steel truss span. The new Sellwood Bridge is a 1,976.5 foot bridge that is designed to accommodate a future addition of streetcar service. 5,000 tons of structural steel were used on the new bridge.

Project Description:

36 RJ Watson Disktron Bearings were installed with a vertical service load of 307 kips to 1,776 kips. Horizontal Service load is 30%, total longitudinal displacement is 8″ to 15″ and Design service rotation is 0.016 radians.

Project Team:

Owner: Multnomah County

General Contractor: Slayden/Sundt Construction Joint Venture

Design Engineer: TY Lin International

Bridge Bearing Erector: Carr Construction

Bearings: RJ Watson Inc

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