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Francis Scott Key Bridge Joint Replacement

Technopref Construction awarded R.J. Watson, Inc. the contract to supply the sealing device for their expansion joints for the historic Francis Scott Key Bridge.   Maryland Transportation Authority had selected Silicoflex, a silicone-based joint seal, because it is designed to be both easy to install and long-lasting.

Project Description

The Francis Scott Key Bridge, also known as the Outer Harbor Bridge or simply as the Key Bridge is a steel arch-shaped truss bridge spanning the Patapsco River in Baltimore, Maryland. The main span of 1200 feet is the third longest span of any continuous truss in the world. R.J. Watson, Inc. has supplied 124 liner feet of Silicoflex, model SF225, for this installation to replace the failed compression seals.

Project Team:

Owner: Maryland Transportation Authority

Contractor: Technopref Construction

Expansion Joints: RJ Watson Inc.

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