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Disktron Bearings Utilized on the I-4 Ultimate Project

SGL Constructors (a joint venture of Skanska, Granite and Lane Construction) are installing 23 Disktron High Load Multirotational Bearings on Bridge 231 of the I-4 Ultimate Project in the Orlando area. The Disktron Bearings are comprised of fixed and unidirectional expansion bearings ranging from 365 to 1900 kips (1600 to 8500 kN) in vertical capacity. The design engineer HDR specified Disktron Bearings due to their versatility and long term performance record on bridges all over the globe. SGL selected R. J. Watson as their bearing supplier based on their competitive price and their reputation for on time performance. An R. J. Watson field engineer was recently on site to supervise the installation of the Disktron Bearings which were approved by the site engineer Volkert. 

Project Description:

21-Mile stretch of I-4, including 13 widened bridges, 74 replaced bridges, and 53 new bridges. There will be a total of 15 Interchanges reconstructed. The design build team will be responsible for designing, building, financing, operating, and maintaining the structures for 40 years. Scope of Work: 23 Disktron Bearings for Bridge #231 (I-4 WB Ramp to WB State Route 408)

Project Team:

Location:Orlando Florida

Owner:Florida DOT

Contractor: SGL Constructors

Design Engineer: HDR

Site Engineer: Volkert

Bearings: RJ Watson Inc.

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