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High Load Test Machine for Structural & Mechanical Components

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High Load Displacement, Friction and Structural Load Testing Services


RJ Watson provides at no cost, estimates for performance testing, specimen adapter engineering, and adapter fabrication.   We also can provide accelerated rates for production testing and other high priority projects as personnel availability permits.  Fabrication is performed in RJ Watson facilities for short lead times and proper specimen adaption into unique testing setups.  

RJ Watson’s structural bearing test lab includes one of the largest certified test presses in the Eastern US with a compression capability of 9,500,000 lb (4750 tons) and an opening of 71.50” (width) x 31” (height) and a vertical stroke of 9 inches. The compression capability coupled with various horizontal actuators; make our press capable of testing compression and horizontal force simultaneously, a feature uncommon in many testing labs.  Each vertical hydraulic jack is independently controlled to ensure the load platen is level at all times to ensure a uniform loading of the test specimen.  All load and displacement measuring equipment is tied into an acquisition center for all necessary data retrieval for analysis and report information. All measuring equipment is calibrated annually by independent agencies.  The test frame is also ASTM E4 certified up to 5,000,000 lb (2500 tons) for compression proof load types of testing.

Actuator #1:  

  1. +/- 600,000 lb (300 tons) Static/Dynamic (up to 12 in/min)
  2. +/- 3” Stroke (6” total)
  3. LVDT & Load Cell feed back 

Actuator #2:  

  1. +/- 150,000 lb (75 tons) Static/Dynamic (up to 36 in/min)
  2. +/- 24” Stroke (48” total)
  3. LVDT & Load Cell feed back 

Actuator #3:  

  1. +/- 200,000 lb (100 tons) Static/Dynamic (up to 24 in/min)
  2. +/- 4” Stroke (8” total)
  3. LVDT & Load Cell feed back

Static Load Bank #1:  

  1. + 1,100,000 lb (550 tons) Static Load Only
  2. + 2.5” Stroke
  3. Pressure Transducer feed back 

Bevel Plates:

  1. 0.010 radians
  2. 0.015 radians
  3. 0.020 radians
  4. 0.030 radians
  5. 0.040 radians
  6. 0.045 radians