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ME Seal System

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img_2572_medType ME Seal System consists of a thermoplastic prefabricated, compartmentalized, elastomeric, compression type seal with integral perforated wings. The Type ME Seal is used to seal expansion joints exposed to wheel and/or pedestrian traffic in parking structures, stadiums, plazas, and types of concrete structures where water tightness is required.
  • The seal is bonded into a flexible, elastomeric concrete header that provides a continuous watertight anchoring system.
  • The seal provides a relatively low profile surface exposure minimizing the top opening, which reduces tripping hazards and the collection of debris in the joint.
  • The compartmentalized nature of the Type ME seal provides secondary protection against leakage if the seal is punctured at the surface. Additionally, in the unlikely event that the top of the seal is punctured, since the seal is made of thermoplastic rubber, repair is simple.
  • The limited top exposure area of the seal and its unique design, does not allow the seal to rise above the surface of the adjoining concrete, hence making it less susceptible to damage from normal, everyday traffic and abusive snowplowing practices.

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