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R.J. Watson combines innovative engineering, high quality manufacturing and precision testing with decades of experience in the bridge and highway industry specializing in bridge bearings and expansion joint systems

Bridge Bearings

RJ Watson has designed and manufactured several types of custom designed high load multirotational bearings as well as seismic devices.

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Expansion Joints

RJ Watson carries a number of expansion joint products that have been installed on hundreds of bridges and highways worldwide.

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Noise Mitigation

RJ Watson has developed a new acoustical system designed to mitigate bridge joint noise that is common on bridges around the world.

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FRP Strengthening Systems

RenewWrap is a fiber reinforced polymer (FRP) system for strengthening or stabilizing existing concrete and masonry structures.

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Spray Coating Systems

The Bridge-Tech System has been developed by Chemline and offers a complete protective spray coating system for both highway and railroad elevated decks.

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