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Spherical Bearings

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picture4_medRJW Spherical Bearings are used to accommodate thermal, seismic and mechanical expansion and contraction and also provide multidirectional rotation for highway bridges, railway bridges and other civil engineering structures. The RJW Spherical Bearings consist of a concave bearing plate, a convex mating plate, an upper sole plate and a lower masonry plate.  Sliding surfaces consist of bonded PTFE mated to highly polished stainless steel.
  • RJ Watson Spherical Bearings accommodate large rotations and can be designed to accommodate high vertical loads with virtually no vertical displacement.
  • May be designed using either woven PTFE or sheet PTFE depending on the properties required.
  • They use a PTFE to Polished Stainless Steel sliding surface to accommodate movements with low forces transmitted to the structure.
  • RJ Watson Spherical Bearings are all custom engineered to provide the most efficient design to meet the specified requirements of the structure.

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