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Disktron Bearings

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Bearing Design Services

Do you have a project that requires special bearing considerations? Or would you like more detailed bearing dimensions than available here? Please download our Disktron Design Questionnaire and send it to our design team for free, no obligation design services.

RJ Watson Disktron Bridge & Structural Bearings

24 Disktron Bearings were installed on this structure. The 8 abutment bearings had vertical capacities of 400-550 kips.

RJ Watson has manufactured Disktron bridge bearings with vertical loads ranging from 10 to 14,000 kips (44.5 kN – 62,275 kN).  To date, there has not been an application that exceeded our manufacturing capabilities.  Disktron structural bearing devices have rotational capabilities in both the longitudinal and transverse directions.  Thousands of RJ Watson bridge bearings have been tested and installed worldwide. The Disktron Bearing is composed of four fundamental components; the load plates, the upper and lower bearing plates, the shear resisting mechanism (SRM) and a Polytron elastomeric disc.  The Polytron disc material is a polyurethane blend conforming to AASHTO Specifications and tested at MCEER.  The Disktron Bearing is a low profile alternative to the pot bearing and it generally has a longer service life.

Watch this video of the bearing replacement project on Zilwaukee Bridge in Michigan

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