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Niagara County, NY - Wilson Burt Road over Eighteen Mile Creek

16 EQS Seismic Isolation Bearings were installed in April 2015.  The bearings are designed for 225 Kips vertical capacity.

Project Description

The 442-foot long structure carries highway and pedestrian traffic over Eighteen Mile Creek. Though built in 1939, the bridge isn’t eligible for the National Register of Historic Places. In 1981, it was reconstructed with a concrete cast-in-place deck on steel girders. The update didn’t last long. Growing pedestrian traffic and a crumbling sidewalk made the bridge a candidate for another overhaul. In April 2015, 16 EQS Seismic Isolation Bearings were installed.

Project Team:

Owner: Niagara County

Consultant: Greenman Pederson

Bearings: RJ Watson Inc.

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